49th North European Conference for Counselling, Therapy and Theology

January 3rd to 7th, 2020

Sankelmark (near Flensburg, Germany)

It is not fair

Justice and love in the dual light of theology and psychology.

 “For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust” (Matthew 5,45)

The word “justice” plays an important role in the Bible.
Till this day, the exodus from slavery is the most important narrative. Claiming justice, overcoming injustice remains the call of the prophets. But what about the justice of God? How can he allow Job to suffer, although he is “blameless and upright” (Job 1,1)?
“Salvation by grace” was one of the battle cries of the Reformation. It opposed a church practice, which made a deal with God. But you cannot buy grace and a good life with money and good deeds. Grace cannot be earned. Its meaning is the passion of love, undeserved.
Love simply happens when it happens. It is not just a rebate on what you must pay for your sins. It is in itself the salvation from the hell of a loveless life and a life without direction and hope.
The group work and the lectures of the conference will deal with the balance and potential conflicts between justice and love in society, daily life, theology, and psychotherapy.
Invited is everybody, who is engaged in the interface between theology and psychotherapy.

On behalf of the planning committee, Bent Falk


Paul Leer-Salvesen
Prof. Dr. phil. in theology and ethics, University of Agder, Norway

Love your neighbor. Love in contemporary ethics

Bent Falk
Psychotherapist MPF, M.Div. (Denmark)

It Is Not Fair. Three parables about masters and servants in the perspectives of theology and psychology


4 Short-Lectures about a piece of art, which is related to the theme of the conference

Astrid & Markus Bayagan (N)
Dörtie Bewig (D)
Ole Lindqvist (LV)
Sirkku Tukiainen (SF)

Work Groups

1. Helena Ehrenbusch (EST): Authentic Movement/Authentische Bewegung (English & Bodylanguage)

2. Bent Falk (DK): Gestalttherapy and Supervision (English)

3. Lotta Geisler (S): Bibliodrama (Deutsch /English)

4. Mariann Hagbarth (S)/ Gerhard Marcel Martin (D): Dimensions of a symbol – inner and outer scene (English, other languages possible)

5. Christian Højlund / Kirstine Hansen (DK): PBSP Therapy (Pesso-Therapy) (English) 

6. Peter J. Kruse / Andreas Riebl (D): Selbsterfahrung und Supervision /Self experience and supervision (Deutsch)

Address of Conference Center:

Akademie Sankelmark
Europäische Akademie Schleswig-Holstein
D-24988 Sankelmark, Germany
Telefon: 04630 – 550 Telefax: 04630 – 55199

Sankelmark Akademie HomePage


Conference languages are German and English; lectures and plenary sessions will be translated simultaneously. In some groups it is possible to work in ones own language; however it is necessary to understand sufficiently the announced working language of the workgroup.

Interpreter: Dorothea Kötter, Germany


Practical remarks

Please bring along your favourite notes and instruments as well as festive garments and your - marked – CDs with music for the festive evening.

You will get a Certificate of Participation; Event is accredited with the Ärzte-/Psychotherapeutenkammer.

Invitation download here:

Invitation 2020