Every year, always in the beginning of January, a remarkable and inspiring Conference takes place: exhilarating, integrative, communicative. Next time – January 3rd to 7th, 2020

North-European Experience Exchange brings for more than 40 years people from the helping professions together form all the countries around the Baltic Sea. Psychotherapists, pastoral care givers, Physicians, Pastoral psychologists, politically and socially committed Counsellors from different schools, Deacons and Social Workers nourish here an open and personal Discussion. Lectures on professionally interesting, current themes give an opportunity to discuss ongoing social phenomena and developments or implement new results from research.

Framing elements of the Conference are the liturgical meditations (prayers) and the Epiphanies service. For the personal themes, there is space and continuous time in the home working groups presenting various possibilities of Gestalt therapy, Bibliodrama, Dance and Movement, Symboldrama und Body Therapy. English and German are the languages of the conference, with simultaneous translation during the lectures.

The most beloved feature of this Conference is ambience, distinguished by empathy, appreciation, love of life and ability of enjoyment. This occurs especially in intervals, meal times and during the evening laid-back get-togethers with Dance and Performances. The conference ends with a companionable and festive evening. Everybody rejoices already during the blessing for the next year’s meeting.

The wonderful location and atmosphere of the Akademie Sankelmark near Flensburg, North Germany provides the foundation and environment where exchange of experiences and recreation, relief and advanced training all can be respected and incorporated. You will get a Certificate of Participation - Event is accredited with the German Ärzte-/Psychotherapeutenkammer..

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